First of all, HI GUYS!!! You are HERE and that is just the first step of awesomeness. I am so thankful you stopped by, and thankful you are even somewhat interested in representing my little business! You might not know who I am, or really much about what being a #SamanthaLeeSenior is all about...But that's ok, because you're HERE and that's already awesome. Below I am going to fill you in on all the details, and hopefully answer all of your questions you might have. Hopefully you'll get a great idea of what I am all about and what I stand for. 

If everything sounds GREAT! And you think you would be a PERFECT fit for the #SamanthaLeeSenior Class of 2018 Senior Rep Team, then please fill out the application located at the bottom of this page. 


"Sam, What is a senior rep?!"

A senior rep is a pretty dang awesome High School senior that loves meeting new people, photography, new experiences, and wouldn't mind stepping in front of my camera multiple times a year! As a senior rep you receive perks throughout the year such as HUGE discounts on  prints and products (those awesome photos go on your walls ya'll!), FOUR group shoots throughout your senior year (to have updated social media content to post and to touch base with me throughout the year!), and your very own senior session of course! In the location of YOUR choice with Professional hair and makeup done by one of the top hair and makeup teams in all of Tampa Bay (no joke guys, they really are that great).

Your job is to be awesome, and my job is to capture it. In return, you and your momma's post your photos throughout the year and let your friends know WHY it's so awesome to be a #SamanthaLeeSenior.

"What is required of me as a senior rep?"

In order to receive these awesome discounts, and to attend the group shoots that take place throughout the year all I ask of you is that you post your photos and tell your friends about me. YUPPPPPPP that's pretty much it. Which let's be honest, you're going to do that any way because your photos are gonna be awesome and who doesn't want to post adorable pictures?! Your own senior session (included in the senior rep package price) must take place before January 1st, 2018! I look for girls that I think would not just mesh well with me, but who will mesh well together! I want you to be REALLY excited about working with me and what we create together. I want you to be so excited, that you tell your friends and that they just HAVE to have their senior pictures done with me. I want you to make friends, and have an incredible experience that adds to your senior year! This is such a special time and I am so honored to be a part of it!!

I just ask that you be respectful of my business because well, it's my baby! And if you are just looking for free photos, this program is definitely not for you! And that is TOTALLY ok! 

"Does it cost anything to be a senior rep?"

Yes it does! The cost of being a senior rep is actually very similar to booking a normal senior session with me! HOWEVER, you not only receive your own senior session with professional Hair and Makeup by Style Hair & Makeup.. you also receive photos throughout the year and get to partake in styled group sessions with me! On top of that you also receive a HUGE discount on prints and things like canvases and albums if you wish to purchase them. I'll give out plenty more info on this subject once you have been accepted! 

 Our first shoot is the biggest, and it is a big deal! It's our first session together, so we make it as awesome as possible. Last year we had a huge mermaid shoot at a driftwood beach where the girls ended the night in the water covered in glitter... So yeah, it's pretty awesome! We also have a fall/winter fashion shoot with a local boutique I am partnered with, Fab'rik in South Tampa! A spring shoot full of florals and baby animals (the last two years we have had baby chicks, but I am hoping this year we can switch it up!), and then a final goodbye shoot at the end of the year where you wear your cap and gowns and I will hug the poop out of you! 

"If I am accepted into the program, do I have to join?"

Absolutely not! I review the applications in the order they are sent in. And only accept a limited number of girls from each High School in the area! So, if I think you are a perfect fit and I offer you a spot on the team, I will set up a phone meeting with you and your mom/parent to go over the details and send over a contract for you to review. You will have 48 hours to decide if you want your spot on the team and to sign your contract! If you decide that maybe being a senior rep isn't for you, and maybe you just want your own personal senior session that is totally fine! I will simply offer your spot to the next girl and we can take care of it no problem! I want you to be 100% excited to be on the team so don't feel pressured to join if it's not for you! 

"Is it mandatory to attend every group shoot?"

No! They are for you! I know you have sports, clubs, college tours, and SO much going on your senior year! I totally understand! However, I still expect you to be posting content throughout the year and attending these shoots gives you updated photos to post! I shoot with you multiple times throughout the year just to ensure that you have new and exciting content to post and I will give you the schedule at the very beginning of the year so that you can take off work and plan accordingly if it is important to you to be able to attend! 

"Do you take individual photos too during the group shoots?"

YASSSSSSS! We will actually spend the majority of the time during our group sessions on individual mini sessions! Because their are so many of you I normally only get to spend about ten minutes or so with each of you, but I work very fast and you will still normally end up with no less than 10 photos per group shoot of just yourself! But you deserve so much more than a rushed ten minutes, which is why it's very important to me that you guys get your very own full senior session that is 100% all about you! Your own senior session will last about two hours and is fully customized for you and your personality! 

"Will I meet the other girls before our first shoot together?"

Hopefully!! Once everyone is on board I throw an annual "Senior Rep Welcome Party" for all the new girls and we will just spend this time to introduce ourselves, eat yummy snacks, and get to know each other!! It's such a fun time where you can bring your mom and just come hangout, the date and time are still TBD but it should take place before you go back to school! 


what your friends are saying



Abbey Turner - Class of 2017 Senior Rep

"One of my good friends was a Senior Rep of Samantha Lee Photography, so that's why I decided to give it a try. Initially, I came in with the thought that it would be a photo shoot that was strictly business. I was quickly proven wrong within the first 5 minutes of the first photo shoot. Sam is the most loving, kind, and downright hilarious people you will ever meet. Her humble heart made me excited to get up (no matter how early) and get some awesome pictures done. Though I was only a Senior Rep, I plan on keeping in touch with her so she can shoot my wedding, engagement pictures, etc. She has become such a mentor to me. If you're looking for a fun, relaxed photo shoot (where the pictures turn out AMAZING), Samantha Lee Photography is the place for you!"

Lauren Hodne - Class of 2017 Senior Rep

"Samantha Lee Photography is my photographer for Life! She has captured so many of life's precious moments for my family. Samantha's photo shoots are a personalized, fun, and interactive experience unmatched by others. Her unique style, personality and talent transforms each session into a memorable, emotional and inspirational occasion, capturing life's greatest moments frozen in time. If you want the BEST, here she is!"

-Rebecca Hodne, Lauren's mom



Skyler Simpson - Class of 2016 Senior Rep

"I would rate her 10 stars if I could. Sam has somehow managed to boost my self confidence through her photography and I couldn't be more thankful for that. I was so blessed I was able to be one of her senior reps, and I'm so sad to know my time as a rep is up. Sam not only makes you feel super comfortable in shoots but she makes you really laugh. I came in knowing she was an amazing photographer and came out knowing she is an amazing friend as well."

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