I am so glad that I chose Sam for my senior pictures! She has such a great talent for photography and was such a positive photographer to work with. She was also super flexible and made getting pictures taken such an awesome experience!
— Allison Hutcheson
I LOVED the whole experience with working with Sam for my senior pictures and being one of her senior reps. It was so much fun and on top of that the pictures she took were absolutely amazing. Not one picture was bad!!
— Payton Noble
I would rate her 10 stars if I could. Sam has somehow managed to boost my self confidence through her photography and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. I was so blessed I was able to be one of her senior reps, and I’m so sad to know my time as a rep is up. Sam not only makes you feel super comfortable in shoots but she makes you really laugh. I came in knowing she was an amazing photographer and came out knowing she is an amazing friend as well.
— Skyler Simpson
She always makes me feel comfortable, and in a safe friendly environment. Sam is such a talented, sweet, caring person who really enjoys her passion in photography and she will give you 100% satisfaction with her work.
— Teagan O'neall
Shooting with Sam was one of the funnest things I’ve done. Not only does she take beautiful pictures, but she makes you feel comfortable and confident. My senior pictures turned out better than I ever could have expected because she made me laugh and smile through the whole experience!
— Julie Alberts

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