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My name is Sam, and I am a photographer, full-time optimist, and dog mom based in Tampa, Florida. 

You can find me most days in a t-shirt and yoga pants working on my computer or snuggling with my dogs. 

I think of my clients as my friends, and I will probably cheer you on for the rest of your life if you hire me to be your photographer. 

Making my clients feel like the most beautiful and special individuals in the world is my favorite. I will make you die laughing and casually make you feel like a movie star all day. I will zip your zippers, tuck in the bra straps, and slick back the stray hairs.

I will trespass with you for perfect light, I will sweat in the woods for hours, I will carry your dresses and reapply your lipstick.

But most importantly, I will truly and genuinely give you the best of me.



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